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Air taxi for the whole of Europe

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Air taxi

We would like to offer you our passenger transportation services for a comfort solution of your work or personal needs.


  • It is always us waiting for the client; never a client waiting for us
  • We are ready to take off within 2 hours after receiving an order
  • VIP check-in within 10 minutes before take-off
  • Time of departure, as well as arrival, is determined by you
  • You select the departure and arrival airport
  • We will pick you up anywhere
  • You may choose your destination even during the flight
  • You will fly directly to your destination or to its closest proximity
  • We will wait for you at the place of your meeting for as long as you want
  • You do not depend of fixed airline connections
  • We guarantee privacy and confidentiality
  • Just call or send an e-mail

It is safe, comfortable, and time-saving; we can fly where airlines do not, and you will find out for yourself that flying a private airplane is often cheaper than using public airline connections.


  • A private 6-seat CESSNA 421B GOLDEN EAGLE is ready for your needs
  • With us, there is no time-consuming travel by taxi (a car) or other transportation means
  • We even know how to take off from a grass airstrip close to your home or a company
  • The airplane's cruising speed is 450 km/hr, its flight range is 3,000 km
  • Pressurized air conditioned interior with a minibar

Unbeatable introductory price per flight hours!


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